Tuesday, October 30, 2007



What can I say! I'm really happy about the release of the old testament from zondervan in "The Bible Experience. Those of us in the know got hip to this when they recorded and released the entire New Testament. For the first time, many people - including myself - took the time to listen (and be really engaged because of the dramatic reading) and focus on the Word of God.

Now, the entire Old Testament can be purchased as well - or, if you've been under a spiritual rock - you can get the whole bible. For more information, click the links above. I highly recommend a listen to this dramatic reading of the Word. Perhaps you will see the Bible in an entirely new light.

Monday, October 15, 2007

All Hail The Queen

The Queen was definitely in the house last night. Queen Latifah, with the debut of her new cd "Trav'lin Light", performed a solid set at the Strathmore Music Center last evening. Still riding the success of the crossover hit "The Dana Owens Album", the Queen entertained quite a crossection of Maryland folks. Of course, all the pretty black people were in the house - but quite surprisingly, looking around I saw young, old, and a much more mixed ethnicity than I'd expected. It just goes to show how timeless her selection of music has been - as well as how well she's performing. The Queen was all class and grace during this set - to be clear, there was a little hip-hop at the end...but there was never any hip-hop attitude.

Some of my favorites of the set - Georgia Rose, Trav'lin Light, I Know Where I've Been (from "Hairspray" was a real standout, Poetry Man (where most of us had a hard time just not singing out loud), California Dreamin - where her backup vocalists got to show out, Corcovado (by Jobim otherwise known as Quiet Nights of Quiet Stars") where the percussionists got to show and for the encore - a twosome - Lush Life - sung to perfection and the closer.....U.N.I.T.Y - which got everyone on their feet. It was nice that she closed on an up note - and even better on something that just made you wanna dance.

This is a woman to watch musically. She seems to searching for her niche with a specific genre - or looking to mix many genres in a way that will work for a broad audience. Definitely, the target is a more musically mature crowd than in the rap days. Her voice is gorgeous - the music and band tight. The only drawback for me was that it felt just a little "safe". I'm looking forward to hearing this girl reach her true comfort zone - and CUT LOOSE all the way live!

All in all - A great night, classy sounds in a great venue.