Sunday, August 20, 2006

Havilah - Tanzania, East Africa 2006

Went back to Tanzania in July. This year was different. There was no earth-shaking, life changing moment or experience on this run. Just a deeper understanding of the Tanzanian people, language and culture. For anyone who doesn't know, I'm part of an organization called Global Vessels ( - that is building an orphange village Havilah in the USA river area. USA river(prounouced "ooosah river") is near the town of Arusha which is at the foot of Mt. Meru. You can also see Mt Kilimanjaro when the weather allows.

This year, I got to touch the building that we started on our last trip. It's beauty brought me to tears. Even the work was different this time. Still the brickmaking, but for me much more photography that global vessels could use. You'll find a few of my favorite photos from this trip above - if anyone wants to know more, give me a holler and I'll be happy to share.

Here's the presentation that I did this year to showcase our non profit work.

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