Monday, August 28, 2006

Bimshire - Day 2

Today, it was beach..then business, business and more business. First we did our morning seabath - then after a visit from a friend, we got dressed and went to Bridgetown. I am definately NOT a city girl. Bridgetown is JAM PACKED with wall to wall people. You dodge folks at ever corner, on every sidewalk and in every store. Conducting business is still an antiquated process at best. It takes a long time to get anything done, and there are usually multiple steps to any one process. Its not like they don't have technology, it's just not used to its full potential.

After business, we did a bit of shopping at Cave Shepard - all the duty free stuff is on board and ready for pickup at the airport.

Dinner was at the "Flying Fish". It's a small cafe with a nice view of the ocean in the "gap". I had cou-cou and flying fish with a rockin hot (with pepper) cucumber salad. Limped home with a very full tummy and fell into the bed.

Oh...and before I forget, let me pay homage to the BEST BAKERY IN BARBADOS. If you ever here - do not miss a trip to Flindt (
THE most wonderful bakery here. Today, we picked up a Chocolate Colenso Cake - layers of chocolate and vanilla sponge cake brought together with a wonderful chocolate mousse. Now folks, THAT is livin! Flindt has a few locations in Barbados - the two I know and can definately vouch for are Hastings (right next to Wine World) and Holetown (near sunset crest).

Just starting to relax. Why the hell didnt I decide to stay for 10 days instead of 7........

Oh and btw...Scharon and Mom are waving hello to anyone who's checking this out. I have yet to take out my camera. Maybe that will happen tommorow. If so, I just may upload a few shots of paradise.

Peace out folks....

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