Monday, September 04, 2006

Back on the Wagon

Okay folks. Summer is officially over. I've traveled far and wide and my butt is showing every restaurant that I visited. I'm officially back on the health wagon - and this morning journaled my food (back on the ww website) for the first time in months.

Tommorow, the big gal goes back to work. Not just at my desk, but in the gym as well. At least for a while, I'm giving everyone PERMISSION to hold me accountable. I'm going thru the freezer today - and get this, THROWING OUT - my stash of Rita's. I kind of bought a Quart of custard a few weeks ago - and then got too busy to eat it. Good thing tho, now it's going to the dogs. The Bajan cheese is probably going to be a problem, cuz I'm going to have to eat it really slowly. It's too good to throw or give away for that matter. I'm going to check the fridge for more contraband before the trashman comes. Green tea will be my new snacking friend. It worked before (hydration and filling when you are hungry)so I'm going back to what I know works. Change what goes in, and work off whats already there - and results happen. I solicit any support that folks feel like sending my way. Withdrawal from the lush food life is always a bear in the inital stages, but hey, if you wanna be something different, you gotta do something different. Wish me luck.

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