Thursday, July 05, 2007

Africa - AGAIN

Yes, yes, I am preparing to go to Tanzania for the third year in a row. Believe me, I'm not sure how this happened. All I can say is that it must be God's will. On the steps of a clinic in usa (pronounced oooosah) river last year - I asked the team Dr. if she'd miss me. She pretended to be "appalled" and began to inform me that since I've been infected by the service bug - I would never be the same, nor be able to quit doing it. Apparently, she's right. This year, I had no money and decided that I would hand my entire participation in this project to God. I asked him to provide the funds if he wanted me to go. I indicated that it was all on him this time. He provided more than I could have hoped for - and not a cent came out of my pocket (not that I had it anyway). I have experienced generosity and my faith in the individual (mind you, not in society) has been restored. Good people want to do good things. I'm proud that I have good people around me.

We leave on July 10th. If I can, I'll update this blog from there. If not, pray for us. It's the grand opening of Havilah and we have a lot planned. There will be approximately 60 people on this trip to Tanzania - all going to lend a hand in the continuing building project of this great orphanage project. This time, there are 3 houses completed. We'll be working on the administration building and meeting the new kids that will be moving (or have already moved) into the house. If you've been a part of this project - stay tuned, great things to come.

For Global Vessels and Me - I say, Assante Sana to you all.

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