Thursday, January 10, 2008


I have not made any resolutions this year.

I have only made decisions. These decisions were made and acted upon before the holiday season. Thats why they are so NOT resolutions.

Decision 1. EAT FRESH.

I really had to take a look at what I'd been putting into my person habitually over the last few years. I really am not doing a "diet" thing - but attempting to put some healthy principles in place that will last the rest of my life. I am and will always be a "foodie". I love everything about the stuff. Watching people cook it - listening to folks talk about it, it's origins, the variety and let's not even discuss the flavors!

Many times, I was not as fully conscious as I would have liked to be about what was going into my mouth. Since my diabetes diagnosis last September however, all that has changed. The first decision that I made was to "eat only the calories that I really liked". You know, sometimes we eat just cuz the food shows up. This happens especially during the holidays. You may not really love that type of cake, pie or whatever...but it's there and LOOK! its free. So into your mouth it may go. "I'll just have a taste".....turns into 5 lbs gained during the holiday season.

This year, I did it differently. I planned for just about everything I ate. Most of the junk that just showed up, I managed to pass on. I decided that if I was going to DO a CALORIE, I would do one because I LOVED it. That attitude sort of morphed into...well, if you are going to do a calorie why not get the most nutritional value from the ones that you do? AND....why not make it all taste fabulous at the same time?

So here we are at EAT FRESH. I've been on a roll. Walking the peripherals of the grocery and spending a lot more time around the fruits and vegetables. I've discovered fennel and leeks, and all types of squash - in addition to the sprouts and green leafy's I like. I've found that anything roasted is DELISH! ;-) and that there are ways to make healthy meals anything but boring. As for the fruit...I've realized something that I'd never admitted before. I don't like citrus. Now, I thought all my life that I liked the stuff, but since it sits in my kitchen alone and spoiling most of the time. I had to admit that I just don't really care for it. So now the exploration to find out what I DO like. Here's whats been added to the yum yum list. Fresh berries (strawberries, blueberries, raspberries) I've found I could eat every day! Pears, papaya, banana's...all added to the yummy-eat-this-all-the-time list. And look how many vitamins I'm getting. So good I can't stand it. This year, I'm working on eating all the colors of the rainbow and loving every minute of it.

Decision 2: Take Your Vitamins

This has been a rocky road for me. I really don't like the big ol horse pills. But, at my age I'd better make sure that I get every nutrient coming to me if I wanna be around and feel good for awhile. The trick to this decision is to take the pill pack at night. That way, my stomach doesn't really know that the pills don't agree with me.

Decision 3: Exercise as a part of every day (or at least 4 or5 of 7 days per week)

I have a motto around this one. "Slow And Steady Wins The Race". As part of a decision to live a better life or as Oprah like to say "Your Best Life", I'm making daily exercise a goal. Most weeks I'm able to meet the goal of at least 4 days of vigorous activity and on my good weeks make 5 days. Now, after a few months it's about upping the time and intensity - and building endurance so that I can actually BURN the calories I want to - and see some results on the scale. I've already seen results in my strength and blood sugar levels - as well as inches lost - BUT, the scale moves like a terrapin going up a mountain. No matter, as long as I have the attitude that allows me to, like Dorree in Finding Nemo to "just keep swimming", I know it's all gonna be good.

So this resolutions. Just continuing actions on the decisions that I made months ago. Anyone else got decisions they'd like to share?

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