Wednesday, November 05, 2008

This Day In American History

Today… I have no words. I have no words. I have no words that can adequately describe how I feel at the sound of two words.


Two more words.


I have no words for the symbolism of this moment. I have no words to adequately describe how I feel about the fact that in my lifetime, while I’ve been on this planet…the journey of the African American has gone from not being able to eat at the same tables or drink from the same fountains as others to THIS. The journey of a people who had to march to sit down where they wanted on a bus, run from dogs and water cannons, firebombs, lynching’s……

This moment. This moment where the WE of it all truly stood above everything. Where the WE of the PEOPLE of America – the common man, the ones without all the traditional money and power – the WE…believed one simple slogan – YES WE CAN. The WE that felt that each of us could make a difference – our one vote could actually count for something. That EACH of our singular voices together could send a powerful message to the “establishment” of the United States of America. The long lines…the patient waiting of millions to make a simple statement. YES WE CAN. I’m writing and I’m searching, but I still can’t find the words.

There are those who are afraid. They think that he’s a socialist – and have the opinion that their rights will be eroded. Well, our new president has promised to be your president as well – so pull up to the table and make sure your voice is heard – but while you are talking, be sure to make space to listen as well. Open your mind to other opinions and views. Decide that it's not ALL about just you. Or just me. It's about US - us as people, us as the UNITED STATES.

I’ve been getting emails from all over the world today. All of the emails have been congratulating America on our choice for president. Our standing in the world is about to change for the better. We have an opportunity to rebuild the good will and the alliances that have been squandered over the last eight years. The world knows that the people of America have sounded the call for change. To quote Martha Stewart “that’s a good thing”.

I’m not saying that our new president is the “second coming”. He’s a man. And, if WE as a people – both democrats and republicans don’t work together and FORCE our representatives to do the same, NOTHING WILL CHANGE. WE must communicate with those on the hill. WE must participate in a process that for far too long has suffered from apathy and a lack of faith that WE could do anything to make it better. Last night has changed that. Last night proved before our very eyes, that WE (Americans from different walks of life, with diverse opinions and beliefs) could do something unexpected.

But…on another side of a coin, my new president IS a giant of a role model in a society that needs them desperately. A black man, faithful husband, educated and intellectually brilliant, good father, community servant…..
Today, Martin and Malcolm smile. Today, we know we have wings and we too belong – and we can fly. Today, excuses for young black men have been removed. No father? – Look at Barack. You don’t come from money? Neither did Barack. I too am hopeful today that we can “get there” if we all work together for our common good. Now, America…the real work begins. But can we do it?


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