Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Things I hate

This is a rant. If you don't wanna share in the rant, look away now. Click on something else or go read my more positive stuff like my thoughts for the day.

I hate Insurance Companies. In this particular instance, it's Aetna. The people who are supposed to be providing me good care when I need it most. A simple thing. Torn meniscus. Simple MRI, Simple surgery and physical therapy. I feel like I'm spending just as much time dealing with the insurance company making sure they pay for things as I am trying to get better. Go figure. Today, I new wrinkle. I get a letter from some company trying to find out if anyone is at fault for my torn meniscus. Several pages on line to fill out all trying to get me to say that they can collect the money they are spending on me from someone else. What the hell do we pay for anyway? I swear, it's the biggest ripoff next to the price of gas. Anyone know how much money these industries made in profitt while they were pillaging our wallets? And to boot, it seems like no one really cares. We all just lay down and take it up the proverbial you know what. Why? Because there is no unity behind any issue these days. Divide and conquer is what the powers that be have done to the masses. We all just go along like sheep who have no options other than to get angry. I'm looking for a way to get even.

So back to Aetna. In addition for the MRI questionnaire, they've decided that they don't want to pay for the medicine that was used during surgery. What freakin sense does that make? They've announced that because they do not have a negotiated agreement with the company that distributes the medicine, I should pay for it. To the tune of more than $300 bucks. Now, when the drugs were used, I was UNCONSCIOUS. Should my doctor have awakened me and asked my permission to use the meds? Was he supposed to know in advance out of the many plans that his patient has, what meds are covered in AETNA's plan? Again. Go figure. If someone can explain this to me, I'd really appreciate it. On the nickel and dime tip, I got a bill for the crutches they gave me. All of $1.84. Why bother even to mail that one. Couldn't they have just accepted what the insurance company sent them and call it a day? I figure I'm going to annoy them and make them pay more money for the postage by sending me 10 months of bills before I pay this one. Its my way of getting even.

I'm done now. If you were looking away because I was ranting....welcome back now. We now return you to our regularly scheduled programming.

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