Sunday, October 29, 2006

Skyline Drive 06

I finally got to Skyline drive to do a bit of leaf peeping with some friends. Reminder to self about that - when going somewhere with Adventists, make sure you pack your own chicken. Even tho I love a veggie dog, I'm feeling like on a Sunday with friends, there should be some fried chicken or fish or something else that you've killed to eat. Anyway, I digress. It was a lovely day spent with lovely people. Cold as a witches tit I tell you, but lovely in spite of the chill in the air. Seems like many people had the same idea we did - get out into nature with friends and EAT!!!!. Sit around a warm fire and/or take a hike (can you guess what I was doing?) ;-)

It was nice not to have to drive - but just be able to look out of a window and enjoy the scenery. Mark this on my calendar for an annual outing.

Pics can be found here.

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