Tuesday, October 03, 2006

What happens when the spirits come

Today was a strange day. Strange in a spiritual sense. I started this morning the way I've been working on starting my days. Prayer, Listening to the bible (I'm listening to the audio new testament), and studying my sabbath school lesson. Everything was peaceful. I asked God for his presence in my day.

Then...I went to our health fair and sat down at a handwriting analysis table. The guy told me stuff that scared me a bit. I took notes. He was a little too accurate for my tastes. Then, cuz I was scurred I ran away. I came back to my office and told a couple of folks about my experience and how it kind of made me nervous. I also told a story about a "ouija" board experience I had when I was young that turned me away from ever knowingly messin around with stuff that I was taught was even remotely occultish or "supernaturaly" not of God. That handwriting thing felt a little like that.

So, after I share that stuff...what happens next is just weird. At least two people (one of whom wasn't even on the initial set of discussions), initiate conversations with me about spiritual matters. DEEP spiritual matters. One guy was a pagan who just wanted to tweak me...he intiated a conversation about man being made in the image of God and man being flawed therefore the image of God is flawed...etc., (I prayed when he started talking)...and my answer left him going back to his office to "think" about what I'd said. (I felt a sigh of relief that he was gone) The second person being a woman who really almost wanted to convince me that I totally create my own reality and that GOD in a outside-of-self-higher-power sort of way, doesnt really have anything to do with it. The conversation wandered down a path to her daughters' belief in ghosts and her experience with psychic's etc... I sat back and didn't argue with that one...I just felt like an attempt had been made to spiritually derail me for the day, and get me to wondering about a whole lot of stuff that is irrelevant to my personal relationship with God.

And it all started with a visit to the psy...opps I meant "handwriting analyst".

I feel like I must have said Beetlejuice three times.

Here's what I know that I know. There is only one Power for Good. We may all call that Power many things, Yahweh...Allah...God....but it is ultimate and in close touch with our lives. Sometimes that Power works within us to accomplish something, sometimes it works on our behalf completely outside of us to accomplish something, but I know for sure, that the Power I speak of is not me. Of myself, I am and having nothing. But with God....
all things are possible.

Today, my Christian construct holds fast - even when challenged by the "spirits" that came to visit. ;-) And I firmly believe that it's because I started my day tapped into the Power I believe loves and protects me.

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R. Nurse said...

LOL!! Man is flawed, therefore the image of God is flawed? What kind of stupidness is that? I hope you told him so. It's funny how these "individuals" just happen to show up after your communion with God. Perhaps they were sent. Who knows. What I look forward to in heaven is retracing every minute of my life; watching where God intervened.