Friday, September 07, 2007

Ipod madness

A 30 second rant here to go along with the post from article clipped from the Washington Post below.

What the hell has gone wrong with these people? Hey, it took me a long time to convert to Appleland, and get an ipod - even upgrading to the very cool video version. However, Mr Jobs - what I need now is not a complete revamp BUT MORE SPACE ON MY DEVICE. Ok, a bigger screen would be nice - however, what I really like about this thing is that it can be an entertainment center in my pocket. I like that it can store SO MUCH data and give me access to all of my own content. I don't want Wi=fi OR the ability to buy tunes on the thing - I can do that at home. What I want is really not that complicated.

Why would anyone fall for the newest Ipod (released in the UK) at 8 or 16 gig for approx $300 bucks! It's a sad imitation of the iphone at best. Personally, I like my click wheel - it works. I really don't need a touch screen that I have to keep wiping finger prints off of before I watch a movie.

The new shuffle is kinda cute - but do you really want 2.5 inches of a movie? Does want want 2.5 inches of anything? Sorry, I digress. My thoughts are devolving now. I'll quit while I'm ahead.

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