Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Slow and Steady Wins The Race

It's real. I'm dealing with some health issues. Health issues exacerbated and accelerated by being overweight and fairly sedentary. No, let me get honest. My fat butt hasn't worked out in months. Basically, I had given up on the weight loss thing. Two bad knees, and too much pain. I was tired. But this really isn't about that really - what it's about is the self discovery that has come around these issues.

I was talking with a gym rat friend of mine - you know, those skinny little witches who work out all the damn time (don't get me wrong, I love this one), who evidently had me under observation for some time. She came into my office with the pronouncement. Now, I had basically known this about myself, but really didn't think it ran that deep. I think of myself as an all on, or all off person. Either I love something, or I hate it. Either you are a part of my world cuz I like/love/respect you - or you are an outsider. I'm an extremist. I've really never been good at moderation or balance. I go hard cuz I have always really enjoyed instant gratification. Seems to be just the way I was wired from birth.

But she walked into my office - this skinny little witch - and dressed me down about how I'm either working out like a mad fiend, or not at all. High energy or Dead. She informed me that there really was a such thing as "medium". That really struck me. MEDIUM. Not too hard, Not too soft. What the hell is that??!?! I realized like a bolt of lightning from the sky that MEDIUM was a real problem for me. I've been thinking about that in one way or another ever since.

Today, I worked out. It's day two of my making a decision (and thereby taking action) to try to reduce the impact of my current health issues by getting more exercise. I had to force myself to stick to medium. Medium felt like I really wasn't pushing myself, but after 25 minutes I was tired as all get out.

When the trainer asked me how the workout was, I told him that it was a little bit of a struggle. His response "slow and steady wins the race". All I could do was stand there and stare at him for a minute. Yet another cosmic hint about MEDIUM.

So, I guess what I'm trying to say in all this is that no matter what you're doing or going through, if it's hard, just keep "swimming" as Doree says in Finding Nemo. Keep moving, even if it is at a slow pace and you'll get to the good part eventually.

If it's fun......well, make sure you know where the brake pedals are (and how to use them when necessary).


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