Monday, September 17, 2007


Ok, this is something that is REALLY grinding my grits today. WTF is with OJ Simpson? I mean, this guy gets a get out of jail free card in the murder case years ago. We all know that even if he didn't do it, he was most likely involved and absolutely knows what happened. Now, after getting his get-out-of-jail free card, one would think that he'd go someplace and quietly live his golfing life never to be heard from again.


The new case.
What in the sam hill would he be thinking by bustin' up into someone's hotel room - without a mask or some kind of device to keep him incognegro, and basically holding people at gunpoint to get some CRAP back. Yes, it's crap. Piece's of cloth, paper, and plastic. What world does this guy live in? I don't know anyone that can explain this madness. Now he sits in jail awaiting yet another "trial of the century". WHATEVER!

I am sick to death of this guy AND all the media coverage surrounding him and the Goldman family (currently sinking to lows unknown by publishing the insanity written by OJ). This guy would do us all a favor if he just dug a hole (approximately 6 feet deep), jumped in, and pulled the dirt in over himself.

How bout a double favor by taking Fred Goldman with him? They can spend forever fighting each other in hell. As long as they have been removed from my television screen - I'm happy.

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